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New assignments: Scotts Ridge Elementary School
New assignments: Scotts Ridge Elementary School
What additional factors should we consider when assigning students to this school? (Include current school in response)

Students are assigned to new schools based on factors including: how close they are to the new school, how much the community is expected to grow, what other new schools will be built nearby in the future, and which calendars existing schools are operating on.

Here, we would like to hear feedback from families who would be assigned to Scotts Ridge Elementary School.

This new two-story school will open in 2015-16 at 6601 Apex Barbecue Road on a traditional school calendar. The school will open with about 750 students in grades K-5.

Under the first draft of the new enrollment plan, Scotts Ridge would draw students who currently reside in the attendance areas of Apex, Baucom, Olive Chapel and Turner Creek elementary schools, and would feed into Apex Middle School.

The calendar options for this school would be Olive Chapel and Laurel Park elementary schools.

The base attendance area was drawn carefully so it would not have to be adjusted again with the opening of E-33 in 2017.

This project was funded by public bonds approved by Wake County voters in 2006 and 2013.

To learn more about Scotts Ridge and to see whether your address would be assigned to this new school in 2015-16, click on the Topics tab above and follow the links.

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Samiha K
UPDATE, 8/20: The calendar options for Scotts Ridge would be Olive Chapel and Laurel Park elementary schools.

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